PAL Policy

We used to require that all participants attend with a PAL, but we’ve found the PAL policy has not been necessary as attendees of our past events have upheld a mature, respectful, and safe space. We still highly recommend attending with a PAL, but are willing to relax the PAL requirement. All participants must still abide by our policies for appropriate behavior.

What is a PAL?

Your PAL(s), originally “pervy accountability liason,” are friends, dates, lovers, and partners with whom you attend the workshop. The purpose of our PAL policy is to create mutual accountability. Our PAL policy is an adaptation of the tried and true policy of many Mission Control events.

What is appropriate behavior at How to Eat Pussy Like a Champ?

  • Don’t “yuck my yum,” which means we are maintaining a shame-free zone where we honor the diversity of desire
  • Maintaining a safe space by using queer-friendly and sex positive language
  • No filming or photos
  • Respecting confidentiality of who attends and what other participants share in discussion

If you do not follow our guidelines for appropriate behavior, we will not hesitate to ask you to leave.