What should I bring?

Bring an open mind, a playful heart, and your best self! We also recommend that you bring a cushion to sit on, a container for water/tea, a notebook, and pen/pencil. If you plan on participating in the partner-facilitated practice, you may want to bring a yoga mat, blankets or pillows, and your favorite lube.

Will I feel comfortable? What if I don’t want to participate?

We go to great lengths to create a safe and fun educational container where participants in our workshop feel comfortable learning, watching, and asking questions. We believe that observation is participation! You are not required or expected to participate in any exercises or portions of the workshop that make you feel uncomfortable.


What is partner-facilitated practice?

The final portion of the workshop is structured for you to take your new pussy eating wisdom and immediately put it into practice. If you came with a lover or partner(s), you are invited to stay and practice the new techniques and games that you learned in the earlier portion of our workshop. The partner facilitated practice is entirely optional. We strive to create a safe, sexy, and comfortable space for you to be guided through a champion pussy eating session that includes coaching from the workshop facilitators.

What is vanilla friendly?

We refer to the term “vanilla friendly” in our event description. “Vanilla” sex means many things to many different people. In general, the term “vanilla” refers to sex that is not kinky or does not include any power play or BSDM. We love good ol’ vanilla pussy eating just as much as we love kinky pussy eating.

Who should I bring?

You are welcome to bring platonic friends, dates, lovers, and partners. If you wish to participate in the partner-facilitated practice, then we suggest you someone with whom you have pre-negotiated play. Regardless of your participation in the partner-facilitated practice, there is much to be learned and gained from the workshop.

What will the experience be like for a solo person?

The experience will be the same with the exception of your ability to participate in the partner facilitated practice at the end. Many of the exercises you will be able to do alone or with another individual who came as a “solo” participant. The more intimate exercises and are incorporated into the partner-facilitated practice, which will be the last 30-45 minutes of the workshop.

If I attend as a solo person, can I participate in partner-facilitated practice?

No. This workshop is not a place to meet a new date. If you would like to participate in the partner facilitated portion of the workshop, we ask that you invite someone who is willing to eat your pussy, have their pussy eaten by you, or both!

I am a solo cisgender guy, how can I attend your workshop?

We love and welcome solo cisgender men to attend our workshops! However, if you are a cis man, you MUST attend the workshop with a PAL. You PAL can just be a friend, partner, or new date. You can also be PALed by a couple or a triad. However, you cannot PAL with someone you don’t know — you and your PAL(s) must vouch for each other’s ability to uphold a safe space. Thank you for understanding that this policy aims to be inclusive while still maintaining a safe, queer friendly space for all involved.


What does cisgender mean? How do I know if I am cisgender?

Cisgender is a term used to describe people who, for the most part, identify as the gender they were assigned at birth. For example, if when you were born the doctor and your parents decided that your sex was a boy and if today, you still identify as a man, then your gender identity could be described as cisgender male. Cisgender is another way of describing someone who is not transgender.

What happens if my PAL or I misbehaves?

We ask that all of the participants in our workshop follow our basic expectations of being respectful, safe and appropriate. The purpose of our PAL policy is to create mutual accountability. If you or your PAL violate any of our expectations, we will ask both you and your PAL to leave the workshop and neither of you will be refunded or allowed to attend any of our future events.