Two queer women offer insider and outsider perspectives on champ-quality pussy eating

We all want to give and receive gratifying, bone-chilling sexual pleasure, but talking about sex can be awkward, sex education is woefully inadequate, and most porn does not depict realistic sexuality. What if two queer women debunked our accumulated myths and misconceptions and offered insider and outsider perspectives on champ-quality pussy eating?

Dr. Alison Ash and Mina McQueen are at your service! Come learn How to Eat Pussy Like a Champ, a unique and comprehensive workshop designed for singles, couples, triads, and even hot dates!* It features lively discussion, a range of panel topics, hands-on exercises, and more.

This workshop emphasizes accurate sex information and clear communication:

  • Learn comprehensive anatomy and the science of orgasm never taught in traditional in sex ed
  • Overcome awkwardness and create sexy communication
  • Figure out how you and your partner like to be touched
  • Learn to feel comfortable asking for what you want and how to solicit your partner’s desires

And provides you the opportunity to put these skills into action:

  • Practice getting out of your head and getting fully in your body
  • Explore how to tease and progress in a thoroughly titillating manner
  • Discover the wide range of techniques possible for maximizing pleasure
  • Examine how to slow it down and when to ramp it up
  • Discuss the many ways to mix it up, including incorporating toys and ass play

You’ll leave with a comprehensive How to Eat Pussy Like A Champ pamphlet covering the 5 Central Tenets of Champ-Quality Pussy Eating, a “Guide to My Pussy” handout to share with your lover(s) and/or partner(s), and several fun pussy eating games to try at home. It is an incredibly impactful workshop for both beginners and experts alike!

Packed houses have given How To Eat Pussy Like a Champ rave reviews. And check out our press in The Advocate!


*We are queer, kink, vanilla, and poly friendly and take immense care in creating a space in which participants feel comfortable and safe.

Participants must be 18 years of age or older. All participants must attend the workshop in compliance with our PAL policy. We reserve the right to refuse service for safety concerns.